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How to Use Social Media Walls for Event Marketing

Event Social media walls are an amazing tool to collect curate and display social media feeds from different hashtags, handles or mentions on a digital screen or signage!!

social media walls

Using a social media wall has improved the user engagement of nearly every event it has been used in and is treated as an engagement booster among the attendees!

What is a Social Media Wall??

Social media walls are the social media aggregator tools which collect and curate social media feeds from different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and much more and display them on a digital screen in any event or website as well.

Using user generated content as a marketing content and leveraging it to increase user engagement in any kind of event is the best ever event marketing strategy which most marketers are using in 2019

Best Social Media Wall for 2019

Taggbox event Social Media Wall is one of the best social wall tool for 2019 as seen by user trust! Lets elaborate why Taggbox is the best social media wall:

  • Wide Number of Theme Options
  • Possible to Customize the Walls
  • Wide User Base
  • Profanity Filters and moderation Options
  • Wide number of social media platforms available to aggregate from
  • Smooth Wall Flow
  • Real Time Feed Update
  • Ways to fetch content, i.e. hashtag feed, handle, account etc.

So now that you know what a social media wall is try considering it in your next event!

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