Wedding hashtag walls, as the name suggests these next generation wedding decoration tools are gaining popularity day by day, people from all around the world are planning and using them in the weddings. They are becoming the first priority of wedding organizers and wedding planners as they increase the craze and level of wedding excitement among the attendees!!

So lets watch out what exactly is a wedding hashtag wall and why its becoming every wedding planner first choice these days!!

wedding hashtag walls

What is a wedding hashtag wall??

Still wondering what exactly is a wedding hashtag wall?? Ever seen people creating hashtags for their wedding on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? Why do they do so? The reason is simple, so that they can get all the feeds and stories by different people about their wedding all together and that is where wedding wedding hashtag walls come into action.

By using a wedding hashtag wall you can collect, curate and display all these wedding hashtag feeds on a digital screen in your wedding and that is why wedding planners are using it whenever and wherever possible!

How to Plan and Implement a Wedding Hashtag Wall?


Planning, Implementing and displaying a live wedding hashtag wall in any wedding is not an easy task! Follow the steps given below:

  1. Take your time, if you are planning to make your clients wedding a social buzz, you should start it at least one month before the wedding!
  2. Choose a “Easy to remember” hashtag for the wedding.
  3. Share the hashtag with groom and brides friends via their social media handles or any possible way
  4. Encourage the couple’s friends to use the hashtag along with whatever wishes or images they want to share
  5. Involve family members, they can be a great help!
  6. Choose a best social media wall provider like Taggbox.
  7. Customize the wall according to the wedding theme
  8. Choose the perfect location of wall screen
  9. Encourage friends and family members to share live feeds during the functions.
  10. Ask for people who are unable to attend the wedding anyway, seeing there wishes will make the couple go blush blush!!

Implement a Wedding Hashtag Wall Aggregator

Imagine how exciting weddings would get if a real-time social media wall is displayed on the screen that showcases posts and videos shared by the attendees using the specially curated wedding hashtag wall? 


Taggbox hashtag aggregator allows you to do that. It collects all the amazing content that is shared by your family, friends, ask attendees, etc. using the hashtag or mentions. 

Obviously not everything that is collected is going to be relevant to the wedding, so the tool moderates the posts by filtering out what’s irrelevant. Then customizes it to make it look more attractive, interesting and engaging as per your liking. 

And you are now ready in exact terms to showcase all the happy, exciting, fun and emotional moments with the attendees by setting up wedding hashtag wall on any screen anywhere at the venue.

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