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How to Display Live Twitter Feeds on Any Digital Screen in Events

Displaying Live twitter feeds on any digital screen is what every event planner is planning to do these days as displaying twitter walls or particularly the twitter walls in any type of event be it professional, cultural or family oriented event is really a cool Idea!

diplay Twitter Wall at event

Twitter Wall – The Ultimate Tool to Display Live Tweets in Events

If you want to display live twitter feeds in your events or any type of screen for any reason, you must know about tweet walls! Twitter walls or Twitter Aggregator tools or Tweet Walls are the ultimate tools to collect curate and display twitter feeds via hashtags, mentions and much more!

live twitter feeds

Live Twitter Feeds Can Be Displayed At:

How to Display Live Twitter Feeds Using Taggbox!

Displaying live twitter feeds on digital screens is really easy with a tool like Taggbox! You just have to register, create wall, embed feed, curate it and display!! As Simple As That!

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