Displaying Live twitter feeds on any digital screen is what every event planner is planning to do these days as displaying twitter walls or particularly the twitter walls in any type of event be it professional, cultural or family oriented event is really a cool Idea!

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Twitter Wall – The Ultimate Tool to Display Live Tweets in Events

If you want to display live twitter feeds in your events or any type of screen for any reason, you must know about tweet walls! Twitter walls or Twitter Aggregator tools or Tweet Walls are the ultimate tools to collect curate and display twitter feeds via hashtags, mentions and much more!

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Live Twitter Feeds Can Be Displayed At:

Benefits of Displaying Live Twitter feeds in Events?

1. It Gets the Audience Engaging

Have you ever noticed fans behaving differently when they see themselves on the big television screen, be it only for 3 seconds? Ever thought why does that happen? Simply because people love seeing themselves getting the spotlight. 

Now imagine the amount of user engagement you can generate at your event by showcasing the tweets that your users share using the exclusively curated hashtag. 

Live Twitter feeds can stimulate more people to create content and share it on their Twitter handle which will boost audience engagement.

2. Gain Visibility for Your Event

Irrespective of who gets to attend your event, fans can always get involved in the display events. The visibility that Twitter feeds createon live streams is huge.

When guests get their Twitter hashtag involved in your event. It also gets their fan following involved in your display events, it doesn’t matter they’re at the show or not!


The visibility created from Twitter feeds in live streams can be huge more than your thinking. Your hashtag can go from your event display wall, to your guest’s Twitter accounts, to throughout Twitter overnight. If you connect the conversation into your event that can be enjoyed by your guests, you can give your hashtag a huge response.

If you’ve got a star guest, it may be very useful suggesting to them that they should tweet about your display events. By this not only will give your event hype with a seal of approval from this important individual, it may also give you access to their wealth of Twitter followers.

3. Impress Your Guests

The idea of a live Twitter feed display in your event is relatively new and exciting, your guests will have never seen this before. That’s good news for you, as implementing new and exciting methods is an amazing way to make your event memorable in their mind.


The attractive look and amazing layout of a Twitter feeds display will give more value to your event. If you want to make your event memorable among guests after the event night has passed, you must use Twitter live feed once.

4. Display Your Brand

This event represents your brand value and status. You must decorate it in a way that makes that look fabulous. Luckily, your live Twitter feed display can do this for you. It could be a small logo in the corner, or a large banner on the bottom/top, the branding of your live Twitter feeds can be as minimalist or as dramatic according to your choice.


With live Twitter feeds such as a social wall/display wall, you also have a great option of customization for the look of your wall, so you can ensure the colors and layouts.

This is not a complete list, but it can give you a taste of what a live Twitter feeds can bring to your next event.

List Of The Best Twitter Feeds Aggregation Tools

1. Taggbox 

When is comes about social media aggregator Taggbox is the best tool to show live social media feeds in events or functions. It is an easy-to-use tool and helps to social wall designing, collecting feeds from many social media platforms, customize them, and display content on any kind of website and screens. It is also known for the best tool to display live Twitter feed in events.

You can easily install and use it. It is very popularly used to display live Twitter feeds in events, concerts, conferences, digital screens, and websites too.

It comes with a strong customization dashboard and a powerful moderation tool that helps you remove the irrelevant content and increase more customer engagement.

It aggregates social media posts from over 15 platforms (Including Twitter and Instagram), and it comes with amazing customize-able themes (Colors & Sizes) and background styles to help you create beautiful, interactive and best live Twitter feeds in live events.

2. HootFeed by Hootsuite

HootFeed is a moderation live Twitter feeds tool powered by Hootsuite. It is a well-known Social Media Management tool that helps you track and manage many social media channels all at one place. HootFeed is also an easy-to-customize tool like Taggbox that define Twitter activity concerned around your brand, live on a digital screen via dedicated hashtag.

It is really easy for anyone to use and apply. It is a great tool to engage your users at any event or any busy public display. It not only just display real-time Tweet feeds, it also helps as a great tool to analyse like group chats, media coverage, special events like political speeches and many more.

3. Tintup

TINT is a self-organized Software Aa A Service platform and well known social media marketing app that allows any brand to collect UGC and apply it for brand marketing through a attractive and live social display on event screens.

Tint allows you to collect data generated by audience from every touch point customer has with your brand on social media and then customize and display it in an attractive way on social walls at events, conferences. Tintup is highly responsive and user-friendly. 

4. Walls.io

Walls.io is a best tool as a social media feeds aggregator that collects social media posts from various platforms via hashtags. It displays them through a social wall on a digital screen for concerts, conferences and any kind of events.

Walls.io allows brands to collect, manage and edit user-generated content from various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

It’s an Analytics tool lets you track the performance of your social posts across various social platforms.

How to Display Live Twitter Feeds Using Taggbox!

Displaying live twitter feeds on digital screens is really easy with a tool like Taggbox display! You just have to register, create wall, embed feed, curate it and display!! As Simple As That!

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