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7 Event Technology Trends to Look Upon in 2020

Change is the only constant rule of time. And technology has never stepped back but a step ahead for a change.

In events, technology always takes part as a potential contributor to its success. Be it in the form of social walls, AR/VR, Augmented reality, or event apps, technology has a big hand behind the vogue faces of events nowadays.

Event organizers are very readily moving towards the technology or digitalization for almost everything be it marketing, or for the activities to be involved in events. 

Let’s dig out the most trending technologies that are useful and are being most used by the organizers in events for best event engagement and success rates for their events-


event technology

If technology is all about reducing face-to-face verifications and check-ins, RFID is the best-invented technology for this.

Adept event organizers are nowadays shifting towards complete wireless and crowd-free systems for event management.

RFID is a method of wireless connectivity through which the engagements and event entries can be recorded without any physical verification with the help of radio-frequencies, which ultimately increases the productivity of an event organizer by reducing one-on-one interaction requirement with each and every individual.

RFID based bands and other gadgets having beacon technology embedded into it keeps the organizer and management crew free from the physical crowd and chaos by transmitting unique radio signals for every individual registered in the event. 

In event ticketing, attendee mapping, and where not, the RFID technology will be the most responsive and appropriate event technologies in the upcoming years.


event technology

To proffer a fashionista face to the event, organizers deploy social walls at every possible corner of their event. 

A best social media wall like Taggbox can drive the audience to engage more and more with the event and activities in it by showcasing attractive UGC from social media networks, and visualizing the global responses over the hashtag campaigns on big screens.

social media wall tools are the real kings for the event organizers as they are very apt in preparing social walls along with their dynamic features like moderation, personalization, and analytics as well.

Due to its multi-dimensional advantages, be it for the organizer himself, sponsors, brands or the audience, social walls benefit all of them simultaneously.

Nowadays every event has a particualr hashtag related to it, encouraging audience to post using this hashtag and displaying this live hashtag feed is now super easy with tools like Taggbox


Artificial intelligence is one of the most implemented technology. It is deployed in almost every next tech-instrument we are using today.

For those who don’t know much about it, it is a technology that is when embedded into the machine, the machine is expected to perform human-like activities. The common possible examples near you for AI are like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri from Apple, etc.


event technology

It is possible that you might feel unknown about AR, but then there are games like Pokemon Go because of which, more than 75 percent of Americans today are not only just aware of AR but agree that they have experienced it at least once.

AR and VR based games are the potential reasons behind the awareness of such technologies.

Technically, it is a technology that augments artificial objects into reality like a Pokemon on a road, temple, roof, or a building, etc in Pokemon Go.

AR and VR are envisaged as the future of the 21st generation as each and every sector be it finance, gaming, hospitality and management and many, is trying to include it for quick, responsive, and intelligent results with the least possible human efforts.


Virtual reality is about creating a virtual environment around or in front of you. The most popular example to understand this is PUBG and the environment created inside it.

The applications of VR are very common nowadays as not only the gaming industry but also the cinemas are in fact the first who have involved VR into their scope of work.

VR glasses are widely appreciated across the world even after multiple mishaps occurred after its induction to the market.


event technology

Event organizers now have started to incorporate an event-based application for their event especially to make the audience management easy.

Event dedicated apps are helpful in keeping the audience updated about the event programs, in analyzing the audience entropy and in many more things that are crucial but were hectic for an event organizer individually.

7. Voice Search Compatibility for Event-Based Websites

event technology trends

Along with AR and VR, Voice search is also the future. Why so is because every year the number of search queries is getting increments.

Reportedly, there is 20 percent of total search queries were voice-based last year. And we should not forget the popularity of voice-based modern tech-instruments like Amazon Echo, Alexa, etc.


Though there are many more event-based technologies like drones, facial-recognition, etc. that are trending nowadays and helping the organizers to manage the audience as well as helping the audience in engaging with the event.

Out of them, the Social media walls for events and the event-apps are the most trending technologies as they are capable of encapsulating the limitless audience to an event. Whereas, some of them including AR, VR, AI, and drones are sort of old but yet in trend technologies. Facial and Voice recognition are some of the latest and yet growing technologies that will soon be proved as the future to the 21st century.

It is up to you now, to employ that technology to your event and make it remarkable forever.

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