When it comes to online marketing, User-Generated Content (UGC) is trending among marketers. The authenticity it carries makes UGC so valuable and useable for the marketers. Using UGC is the best marketing strategy at the moment as it is presently the most genuine and trustworthy content available to the users.

Our today’s blog post will guide you everything you need to know about user-generated content platforms, what are they, how to leverage them, which are the best UGC platforms and everything else you need to know about them!

There are various aspects that UGC can be used for, and there comes in the role of a UGC platform to manage all the content efficiently.

best ugc platforms

What are User-Generated Content Platforms ?

User-generated content platforms can be referred to as a software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that assists in the discovery and curation of worthy UGC for a brand from multiple social media platforms and collects them at one location. 

Moreover, a UGC platform help you rightfully own the UGC collected. They help you manage rights with their Rights Management feature and ask for permission from the original content creators.

It lets you display your UGC on websites, digital signages, events, Digital-out-of-home, and many more channels according to your requirements.

UGC Platform – How to Select the Best One 

Here are a few essential factors that you must consider while selecting the UGC platform for your marketing:

  1.  Features

Features are the most important aspect to look upon because you would not want to invest in platforms that don’t fulfill all your requirements. Features are what make a product hit or fail.

Here are some key features that you should look for essentially:

Aggregation: The initial step is to discover the content, therefore make sure your chosen UGC platform can fetch content from all social media platforms. The user-generated content is spread over all social media platforms and your user generated content platform should be able to fetch content from all of them. 

Content Curation: Curation is the process of collecting all the important, meaningful, and valuable content around a particular topic or area of interest from a variety of sources. The user generated content platform should provide vast ways to curate content like hashtags, keywords, profiles, timelines, channels and more. 

Display & Advertising: After curating your content you will be using it for your advertisement by displaying it at different places. Choose a user generated content software that can provide you all display formats like in-store displays, website embedding, digital signages, etc.

Analytics: If you use UGC for all your marketing touchpoints but can’t analyze its performance, it doesn’t make sense at all. Make sure the platform provides you analytics feature to analyze and study the performance of your content. If it can provide you sentiment analysis, that is quite beneficial to know your consumer behavior better.

  1.  Price

Pricing is one of the most important aspects of choosing a UGC social media platform. Each platform offers unique pricing models and categories. 

Usually, pricing plan categories are divided based on the business size of the users like Small, Medium, Large, or enterprise or according to the Use Cases like Website, Digital Signage, Events, etc. 

You can plan to choose any plan that seems to fit your budget and requirements.

  1.  Usability and UI

The user-generated content platform should be easy to use and the UI should be simple to understand. The software usage should not be another task for marketers to learn and use. You can go for demos or free trials to take time to understand the UI and know how to use it and make your decision.

  1.  Content Management & Customization

The aggregated content from social media is unfiltered, a robust moderation makes it easier to maintain the quality of content and discard irrelevant content. There should definitely be a rights management feature too to rightfully gain access to the relevant UGC and repurpose the content legally without any trouble. 

Customization is a very important aspect for better user engagement and impactful results. You should be able to add your branding, design your content and add announcements or custom posts according to your requirements. 

Choose a platform that provides you with the management and customization features for better and rightful usage.

  1. Support Services

When you are using new software, you might need assistance with its usage. A handy and instant support team can be of great help at such moments because your marketing campaigns will be depending on the UGC platform. You should definitely go for a platform that can provide you a good customer support service.

Best UGC Platforms for 2022

1. Taggbox

best UGC platform

Taggbox is one of the best UGC platforms for your brand, available today and can assist you to enhance user engagement, build trust and drive conversions for your brand. It helps you collect, manage and display user-generated content for your marketing.

Through Taggbox display, you can use your earned user-generated content to interact with your audience or website visitors, and power up your marketing.

It provides you with some amazing features to manage, customize and display your content. It also provides you analytics feature to study and analyze your performance and improve accordingly. 

2. Yotpo

Yotpo is an E-commerce marketing platform that helps brands with visual marketing, customer reviews, referrals, and loyalty. It helps brands to leverage social proof to increase trust and sales, gain loyal users and to make better business decisions.This user generated content platform is already serving many brands and giving them great results.

  1. CrowdRiff
user generated content platform

Crowdriff is a user generated content software that operates for travel and hospitality brands. It helps them discover UGC and display them for their audiences. They collect brand-related UGC from various social media platforms and displays them in one window. You can then choose the ones you think will be liked by your visitors. It also allows you to generate performance reports of your gallery and it’s AI-based system automatically displays the posts with high attraction. 

  1. TurnTo
UGC platforms 2021

TurnTo is an amazing tool that provides you with some new methods to manage your UGC. It has four innovative applications –  ratings and reviews, visual reviews, check-out comments, and community Q&A. The community Q&A allows users to ask questions about a product and the existing users of the product can answer those questions and increase the knowledge about the product. Their main motive is to provide new customers with reviews, ratings, and answers by existing users. Each aspect requires existing users to give their views about the products they have purchased. 

  1. Libris
user generated content platforms

Libris is an asset management tool that helps brands to display their stories in a more creative and attractive manner. It lets you engage your followers in real-time. There are many brands that are using Libris to engage with their followers. 

  1. Walls.io

Walls.io is a tool that helps you to create social wall for your users. It helps you discover, manage and display the content on your website. You can use Walls.io for creating interactive and engaging social walls for your brand.

  1. Photoslurp
number 1 UGC platform

Photoslurp is a visual commerce platform that helps to integrate UGC with your e-commerce platform. It collects photos and videos of customers from various social networks and lets you manage them and make them shoppable. They provide tools to curate, publish and analyze User Generated Content within your eCommerce store. 

  1. Wyng
ultimate UGC platforms

Wyng is a one of the best user generated content platforms that helps in collecting UGC for your brand and lets you create, publish and convert your content into higher sales. It also helps you activating the UGC by growing the database, enriching the existing one and personalizing the commerce to give the customers a more homely feeling. 

  1. Chute
powerful UGC platforms

The Chute is a UGC platform that helps you collect UGC and gain rights to that content. It provides you with analytics for analyzing your performance as well. It also has a feature to be customized according to client needs.

  1. Short Stack

ShortStack is a digital marketing platform built for providing higher engagement and lead collection. It helps to create contests, giveaways, puzzles for attracting your users. It also helps create landing pages for these contests and giveaways. This helps in boosting the interaction with the users and increasing sales.

  1. Flowbox
best UGC platforms for this year

Flowbox allows brands to use UGC to grow engagement, drive revenue and boost conversions across all their marketing channels. Flowbox lets you take all the UGC, and use it to inspire and give new customers an easier way to product discovery. Flowbox offers an innovative platform for turning visual content into commerce and help your brand make a social sell. 

  1.  Curalate
best UGC platform 2020

Curalate is a visual commerce platform that helps you gather UGC and turn it to a shoppable storefront. It helps you gather content, gain rightful access, make it shoppable and display it on your website. This way the shopping process becomes quicker, easier and more attractive. Curalate provides you with many tools that can help you manage your UGC. It helps you leverage UGC and also activate influencers by reaching out to them for your brand.

  1. Viral Sweep
good UGC platforms

Viral Sweep is a marketing platform that helps you with growing your email list, generating sales and increasing user-engagement. It provides you with various tools according to your requirements so that you can choose accordingly. For example, Sweepstakes allows you to increase your email list, Hashtag lets you collect hashtag entries. All the tools have a definite task and together they work amazingly to manage UGC for your brand. Viral Sweep is a good option for displaying live hashtag feed on websites!

  1. Teester

Teester is a consumer video platform. It helps brands and e-commerce sites in collecting videos made by their customers. This platform provides features to optimize and curate the content to display on your website’s home page or product pages. Videos being the most trusted form of content helps to build trust and attract more users to give a look. 

  1. Greenfly
best UGC platform 2021

Greenfly is a UGC platform that aims to provide social content to increase user engagement. It helps collect content and coordinate it with your content hubs and galleries. It works to strengthen the collaboration between the community and the brand by collecting, sharing and interacting with UGC provided by the community.

  1. Foursixty
foursixty UGC platform

Foursixty allows you to collect UGC and create product-specific galleries to add to your product pages. You can make your content shoppable through your phone as well. It has rights management as well which lets you own the UGC rightfully. There are many other features like customizations, curation, scheduling for the collected content. It is a full package and allows you to embed the content on your website very easily. 

  1. New Spark
UGC platforms

New Spark helps you collect and moderate your UGC so that only relevant data reaches your users. It uses widgets and fully integrated API solutions to improve user engagement with your existing product. This platform also helps with user management and communications. Through this, you can directly receive content from your users and engage with them through the notification center.

  1. Pixlee
Pixlee UGC platform

Pixlee is a UGC and Influencer marketing platform that means that it helps you collect user-generated as well as influencer created content for your brand from various social media platforms. It helps the brand create more engagement and drive conversions through social proof collected and word of mouth marketing by content generated through social media.

  1. Gleam
best UGC platform

Gleam is a UGC platform that helps create and run contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes to engage more users. It only generates verified entries to reduce time and to make the entry process easier. It also has an inbuilt viral sharing feature that helps reach most potential entrants for the created contest or giveaway.

  1. Hashtagio

Hashtagio is a social media aggregator as well as a user-generated content platform that helps collect user-generated content through hashtags. Its motive is to help you leverage social stories to increase your conversions and grow your brand’s social presence. It also provides you with analytics to know how your content has been performing.


User-generated content is the future of digital marketing and adapting to it now will definitely help you a lot in the future. Above mentioned are the best user-generated content platforms for UGC management and you must choose the one convenient for your brand and the one that serves all your requirements. 

A UGC platforms can take your marketing game a level up and help you grow your social presence as well as gain some very loyal consumers for your brand. 

So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and choose a UGC platforms most suitable for you and start leveraging social media.

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