User-generated content marketing is the newest digital marketing trend which every business owner should leverage, and why not, nothing can be greater then your customers or users posting great content about your brand , product or services. In this article we are providing the light on user generated content marketing and what is it and how businesses can leverage it for business marketing.

What is User Generated Content

According to the Taggbox, User Generated Content is anything which is posted by your users rather than your marketing team or content curators. UGC is the best type of content you can create to promote your brand, product or services and increase brand loyalty, trust and sales.

How to Leverage UGC for Marketing and Branding

User generated content holds an amazing power which creates an exponential user engagement around your brand, product or services. Let’s see how we can leverage it….

#1 Encouragement

The First step in using User generated content for marketing is encouraging the users to post content about your brand, product or services. You can run a hashtag campaign just like the picture shown above, #ShareACoke is a great example how a brand like Coke is encouraging it’s audience to post about them. #ShotOnOneplus and #ShotOnIphone are a few to name more!!

#2 Collect

The Second Step after encouraging the users for posting UGC is the collection of this content, using a social media aggregator tool like Taggbox is the best possible option for this, user generated content aggregators let you collect, curate and display the user generated content through various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Slack, yelp and much more.

#3 Curate

User generated content is raw, its real authentic data produced by your loyal customers and hence it needs to be moderated before going in front of mass audience and user generated content aggregators do it for you.

#4 Display

This is the last and the most important step in any User generated content marketing campaign. How you present your UGC is the most important point of concern.

Using a tool like social wall is the best possible option for this, by using these tools you can embed user generated content on your website or digital signage, event screens and much more!!

So this was all about User generated content marketing and how to use it for branding and marketing.

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